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VIDEO: What If Everything Worked Like The BCS: The Spelling Bee

VIDEO: What If Everything Worked Like The BCS: The Spelling Bee

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock took to Yahoo! Sports last week to once again defend the BCS against its many, many detractors.

The sport is thriving. College football works and works well, because of its unique regular season and because of the bowl tradition and bowl experience for the student-athletes…As the person who managed the NCAA men’s basketball tournament for 13 years and who now administers the BCS college football championship game, I think the differences among the sports should be celebrated, not vilified.

Fine, let’s celebrate. Let’s celebrate what Hancock loves about the BCS. Hancock believes in the BCS because he thinks the BCS is a fair system that works.

So if that’s the case, you have to wonder…What If Everything Worked Like The BCS?

Special shout-out and thank you to everyone who helped make the video.

Lucy Pearce, a.k.a. Mrs. Hancock a.k.a. Mrs. TNIAAM

Sophia Mitri Schloss, a.k.a. Boise. She’s big-time, you guys, make sure you keep an eye out for her in the upcoming NBC show, “Grimm.”

Cinematographer Jon Peck, sound designer Austin Chick and editor Sanjeev Tandle. Serious rockage on their parts.

Fremont Abbey Arts Center, for letting us turn their storage room into a classroom.


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