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Video: The Origins of “Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician”

Video: The Origins of “Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician”

Probably the most common question I get related to my Syracuse site is, “What does the name mean and where did it come from?”  I know, that’s two questions, but most people can’t ask one without asking the other. I explained where it came from in the very first post I ever wrote for the site way back in 2006. However, I had never been able to find the magical clip to confirm it.

In a way, I became nervous about finding it. What if it turns out that phrase was never actually uttered? What if I got it wrong and the person actually called him an affluent pediatrician? How much better could this site have been had it been called Troy Nunes Is An Affluent Pediatrician? We may never know.

Thankfully, someone (who shall remain nameless) sent me a video file of the game in question and the exact moment when the phrase was born. Now I know I’m not crazy and you can see once and for all where it came from:


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