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Recent Articles from “Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician”

  • Could a Syracuse win over Georgetown actually hurt the Orange’s RPI? December 15, 2017
    These guys ruin everything... You know the Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) is an imperfect metric. Yet, it’s the primary one that the NCAA utilizes when determining who makes the postseason. So as much as we admonish it, it’s important to have quality numbers over there, however they come about. KenPom is better to evaluate a team-versus-team argument, but as […]
    John Cassillo
  • Disney/ESPN’s acquisition of Fox underlines how Syracuse was right to move to ACC December 15, 2017
    We may miss aspects of the old Big East, but this week’s events proved why we needed to jump. If you live under a rock, I have no idea how you found this dive bar of a blog, but you probably heard that Disney is buying 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion. Yes Dr. Evil, with a capital B. More pertinent to this site’s readership, part of the deal includes all 2 […]
    Andrew Pregler
  • What exactly does Syracuse vs. Georgetown mean anymore? December 15, 2017
    Existential crisis? Or just a temporary blip? I’ll spare you the exposition at the start this time. We covered a bunch of the same themes when we recently faced UConn Madison Square Garden. What is this rivalry between the Syracuse Orange and Georgetown Hoyas anymore? Believe me, I had as much fun as the next fan this week, trading barbs with Casual Hoya, la […]
    John Cassillo
  • Syracuse vs. Georgetown Official TNIAAM Predictions & Poll December 15, 2017
    If any of you pick Georgetown, you’re banned. It’s been a week since our last game. And what better way to get back to it than with a Syracuse Orange (8-1) vs. Georgetown Hoyas (8-0) matchup? No, Georgetown’s not really as good as their record. They did this on purpose (and you can’t blame them for it at all, especially since it’s what we should always do in […]
    John Cassillo
  • Syracuse football recruiting: Early signing period explainer December 15, 2017
    Ready or not, things start happening on Wednesday. If you feel like you’re seeing a lot more football recruiting content of late, you’re not imagining things. This year, the typical calendar has been thrown for a loop. The new early signing period means earlier commitments and earlier signings than we usually see. As we’ve discussed before in this space, tha […]
    John Cassillo

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“The best Syracuse blog.”
- Brent Axe, host of The Score 1260′s “On The Block”

“The finest Big East blog in all the land…informative, thorough, hilarious and biased as f***…you won’t be disappointed.”
- Black Hearts Gold Pants

“If Nunes/Magician were a Syracuse professor, he would be the one you thought was really cool that rode a motorcycle without a helmet and told you to tear up your textbook.  A must for any Syracuse fan that needs that bitter taste removed after any Syracuse loss.”
-Brian Harrison, Orange44

“Any mention of Syracuse football must include Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, which makes a very strong case for the Web’s best independent college football blog.”
- Paul Myerberg, Pre-Snap Read

“My favorite Syracuse sports blog.”
- WAER radio host Danny Parkins

“Great site for SU fans…a great mix of real news and opinion with a nice funny edge.”
- WSTM’s Alex Dunbar

“The best in the Big East blogoshere.”
-Chas Rich, AOL FanHouse

“One [blog] that I consider appointment reading at least a few times a week is Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician, a highly entertaining look at Syracuse sports.”
- Patrick Stevens, D1Scourse

“An entertaining repository for all things Syracuse/Big East.  If you think the Internet doesn’t have enough Syracuse-themed LOLCats, this is the place for you.”
-Matt Bonesteel, Washington Post

“…a very clever and creative blog devoted to a team that, quite frankly could have sapped the cleverness and creativity from a base.”
-Mike Casazza, Charleston Daily Mail

“Hilarious, informative and timely, Nunes/Magician is a must for any Orange fan. You haven’t experienced Syracuse sports until you’ve seen this site.”
-Wes Cheng, The Juice