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God Complex

God Complex

Title: God Complex

Length: 119 pages
Synopsis: In Heaven, the No. 1 business in town in Religion. For The Cross Corporation, business is booming. That doesn’t stop customer service rep Gordy (St. Gordon, Patron Saint of Candle Lighting) from suggesting some new ideas to uninterested CEO Jesus Christ. Jesus tells Gordy that if he thinks he knows what’s best for humans he should just go start his own religion. Gordy is consoled by his his buddies, Steve (St. Stevick, Patron Saint of The Milkshake) and Mitch (St. Mitchum, Patron Saint of Lutraphobia) who tell Gordy to take it in stride. But when a shady benefactor comes along promising the opportunity to make his dream a reality, it’s too good for Gordy to pass up. Gordy strikes out on his own and suddenly his religion is dominating the marketplace. The three bigs, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, now have to band together to reclaim their places atop the list before it’s too late.



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