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Assorted Articles & Reviews By Sean Keeley

Assorted Articles & Reviews By Sean Keeley


A selection of articles from Sean Keeley, who’s work has been featured on Huffington Post,,, and as well as being the author of How To Grow An Orange: The Right Way To Brainwash Your Child Into Becoming A Syracuse Fan.

Boeheim Stays in the Picture: Syracuse’s Script Just Keeps Getting Better – Huffington Post

It’s become a cliche to say that a particular sports team or season is worthy of becoming a movie, but in the case of the 2011-2012 Syracuse Orange basketball team, it’s hard to deny that a more interesting and meaty script could be written.

Usually, when we say that there should be a movie about a team, it’s in the vein of the generic sports flick. You know, the plucky underdog goes through a period where nothing seems to go right until their larger-than-life coach guides them into the playoffs where they find a way to persevere and beat the big, bad jerks for the championship?

Yeah, this isn’t that kind of movie. This isn’t a Steven Spielberg story.

This script is the kind that Michael Mann might direct. It’s gritty. It’s full of sordid details. It’s hard to separate the good guys from the bad guys. And it’s not really about whether or not the team wins it all in the end. Rather, it’s about a central character going through experience after experience and, possibly, making it out alive in the end… (read more).

Interpreting Jim Boeheim: You’re Doing It Wrong –

Nine times out of ten, when my wife and I have a disagreement over something I’ve done, it’s because of how I reacted rather than what I’ve actually done.

It’s not that I (yet again) did a terrible job cleaning the dishes. It’s the way I smirked when she confronted me. The way I tried to tell her I did a better job than she thinks. That it’s not THAT big a deal. That I lightly chuckle before I defend myself.

It’s all that other stuff that usually turns a one minute discussion into a fifteen minute fight for survival.

And she’s right. She’s absolutely right. I smirked and chuckled not because I think it’s funny or that she’s wrong but because I know I’ve f***ed up and that’s my defense mechanism. I know that I tell her it’s not a big deal because I’m ashamed that I am a 33-year-old man who still can’t clean a baking sheet to save my life and I feel like a schnook.

I get passive-aggressive. I curl up in a little ball inside my brain and do whatever I can to make it go away. That’s what I do (or, as I’d like to say, used to do).

Thank God there aren’t any reporters in the kitchen when I’m cleaning dishes. They might watch me smirking and come to the conclusion that I’m a jerk. That I’m selfish and arrogant and a terrible husband… (read more).

Gail Simmons Shares Stories & Souffle At Book Larder – Fremont Universe

Top Chef judge and Food & Wine magazine Special Projects Director Gail Simmons appeared at Book Larder (4252 Fremont Ave) Thursday morning to promote her new book Talking With My Mouth Full while providing a cooking demonstration.

While most of her appearances have been in bigger spaces, Simmons was excited for the opportunity to appear in a boutique store, remarking, “it makes me happy to see small culinary bookstores.” (read more).

Fear The Diablo Sauce But Not The Food At Pecado Bueno – Fremont Universe

“I wouldn’t.”

When asked if he would dab some Diablo Sauce on his tacos, Pecado Bueno (4307 Fremont Ave) owner James Schmidt passes on the opportunity.

That doesn’t mean you have to. Just know you’ll need to fill out a waiver, courtesy of the “law firm” Diablo, Sloth, Lucifer & Venal just to try it (read more).

The Dumpling Tzar Brings A Traditional Russian Treat To Fremont – Fremont Universe

It’s late. Two in the morning. You’ve spent your evening downing shots of icy vodka and you need to eat something before sleep claims you. You stop at the giant statue of Vladimir Lenin to check your bearings…you’re close. You head ’round the corner and walk towards a dark back-alley. No police in sight, good sign. You see what you’re looking for and walk inside. You order, what else, Russian dumplings. You scarf them down quick as you can and make your way home before the authorities can find you.

The question is…

Are you a Cold War U.S. spy living undercover in 60’s Moscow? Or are you in Fremont circa 2011?

Could go either way, really. Especially now that The Dumpling Tzar has come to town (read more).



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